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Most accurate Fitness Tracker! 
99.4% accuracy vs Fitbit's 64% !
Preview Myzone App in REAL Time!
  • MYZ3 IS NOW waterproof: Regardless of my video, new information from Myzone shows that the MZ3 is now waterproof. Although the Myzone MZ-3 is waterproof, it is not appropriate to gather data while swimming due to water causing the strap to regularly detach from the chest.
  • Washable: Yes, throw it in the washer, but not the dryer! Please wash your smelly belt. After a few workouts, it's a must! 
  • No batteries: No more batteries! Charged with an USB cord. YES!!
  • Accurate: 99.4% accurate - Your FitBit is only 46% accurate...
  • Storage: The MZ3 can store up to 16 hours of data. Workout without the app and upload your information later!
  • Charging: USB charging cord is INCLUDED. 1 charge can last up to 700 hours!
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on module, 90-day warranty on strap.
  • Compatibility: iPhone and Apple watch and Android
  • Is there an App included: Yes! The MZ3 is the one you can use outside the gym through the app. If you purchase a MZ1, that is only available inside the gym. If purchased on this site, you will receive the MZ3 which you can use ANYWHERE!
Frequent Asked Questions:
 Myzone Sizing Questions
**Please note, when purchasing the MyZone, Medium is the standard size.* 

TO CHANGE YOUR SIZE: Click the purchase link above, leave the cart to go back to the product page, click on the MZ3 strap and select a different size. Your voucher should still be attached. 
If not, enter FLCUS001 (FLCUS zero zero 1) as your voucher code for $50 off.
#1 Personal Trainer Recommendation 
Myzone MZ3 can track workouts INSIDE or OUTSIDE the gym!
The Myzone Live Display Provides
instant effort feedback.
Compete with friends and other club members by earning MEPs, and see real-time feedback using the easy-to-read Live Tile!
Real Client Review
"I like seeing the amount of calories I burn, and the effort points are pretty cool as well. Especially the rankings. Good motivation!"
Don't let your effort
go unrewarded.
Accurate. Versatile. Mobile.
Get the new MZ-3
The most accurate and
versatile wearable available.
  • NO BATTERIES: USB Charging Cable is INCLUDED, no need for hard to find replacement batteries!!
  • The MZ3 Stores up to 16hrs of workout data between syncs so you can leave your phone behind
  • The fewest connection problems of any HR monitor I've ever owned
Real Client Review
"It's so cool to see how hard you are working. It gives you a sense of accomplishment seeing your hard work in color and in number. It gives me motivation!" 
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