!! Attention Ladies !!

How to lose weight in as little as 30 days.....
Even if you've tried and failed before. 
My signature 'Fitness Life' plan for your fitness and nutrition works around YOUR lifestyle and goals!

Did you know that 80% of those who start out with new fitness & nutrition goals fail to reach them because they simply DON'T HAVE A PLAN?

Sounds too simple to be right doesn't it?  It's not.  

The problem is life has become so HECTIC and filled with misinformation that we THINK we don’t have the time, money or know how to take care of ourselves....have you ever felt like this?  


Which means you have probably tried and failed more than once to get healthy and lose some weight....am I right?

That's why I developed a solution that is working for ladies all over the country!! 
Let me introduce you to my TFL (The Fitness Life) Trainer Signature workout program! 

  • Confidence: Know what to do, when to do it so you can walk into ANY gym with confidence. 
  • Nutritional Guidance: Don't suffer through a highly restrictive diet just to gain the weight back when you're done....let me help you discover the foundations of a sustainable nutrition plan!!    
  • Support: Join me and my ladies in th Transform FB group for where we learn from and support eachother!  WE GOT YOU GIRL!
  • ​Progress: Break your tendencies and uncover new exercises every 3 weeks so your body continually has to adapt and progress! 

Your new Personal Trainer.....

Hi, I'm Allie!

While in high school there was always competition (track & volleyball) to keep me busy and moving around but as an adult I got bored quick. I got stuck in the boring day-to-day tasks, and with boredom came FOOD! And usually the unhealthy type.

Back in my young 20's I developed this theory in my head: 

"If I ran 4 miles a day 5 days a week then I could eat all the delicious, unhealthy food I wanted and not get fat." 

This eventually lead to THREE phases when it came to my body. 

Phase 1: Running a lot, weak, soft, no muscle tone, and eating junk food on the daily. (Trying to outwork my bad diet)

Phase 2: Still running a lot, skinny, no muscle, and I decided to quit eating. (Trying to starve myself to be fit)

I thought food was evil and running was going to save me. I was running up to 6-7 miles a day and eating ONLY 2 meals a day. 

There was always this back and forth cycle of too much or not enough. Also known as the Yo-Yo diet and it just wasn't working.

I felt STUCK!

Phase 3: BALANCE! (it took a while to get here 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Finally, the day came when the Gold's Gym in my hometown had their 12-week challenge (2012). 

I SIGNED UP to see what I was capable of and I discovered a few things....

Fitness is 90% mental and 10% physical, you need to dig deep and find what TRULY motivates you and what will help you change. 

But when it's all said and done, fitness and nutrition come down to just three things....

Is this something I can sustain for the rest of my life? 

Am I happy? 

Does this make me feel good? 

If any of those answers are no, something needs to change! I created TFL Trainer to step by step teach women how to live with a balance between fitness and life. 

I've taken my years of experience working with clients to get the same amazing results I had, and created the BEST program there is to break the cycle, lose the weight, and find the love for yourself again.


How depression saved my life and got me into fitness!
💜 You aren’t alone. 💜 

What's included?:
Workout app +my coaching program +Private FB Group + Membership Educational Content Site 

The Workout Program includes up to 10 workouts to choose from each week (home & gym). Your workouts update every 3 weeks to keep you engaged and motivated. 

🚨Coaching with each Phase:

Coaching includes my monthly recipes, Facebook group for ADDED support & accountability, and FULL access to my coaching membership site. The membership site is where I breakdown nutrition, proper form, pain management and all things fitness!
You'll never have to tackle fitness alone!
 JOIN my Online Training & Coaching Program
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  • No Contract: I don't want to lock you in, love it and stay as long as you want. No obligation!
  • Cancel Anytime: Simple online cancellation form that you can fill out anytime.
  • Most Popular: This plan is my most popular but you can get better value with either the annual or lifetime options.

 You've got nothing to lose.....
and everything to gain! 

  Personal Training & Guidance
  • Personal Training: Week after week, you will have workouts to guide you. Never again will you have to write up your own workout.
  •  Never feel lost again:​Step by step video demonstration and 24/7 access to all my personal training information 
  • Confidence: In depth videos on difficult exercises, how to avoid injury, and popular fitness myths!
  • Support: Join the Facebook group and share accomplishments, struggles and transformations! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I do the workouts in a certain order?

There is no set start date for the workouts, you can start whenever you like. And once you enroll in TFL Trainer you have unlimited access to ALL the programs for the lifetime of your membership.

How long do I have access to the programs?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for the lifetime of your membership.

What if I am unhappy with TFL Trainer?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you are able to cancel at any point during your membership.

Which program should I start with?

There are workouts and modifications available for ALL fitness levels. If you've never worked out before, there are substitutions available, and you can alter your workouts as you progress.

What should I eat during the program?

There is a full nutrition guide and included with the program, plus special options for gluten- free and dairy-free requirements. The meal plan has recipe suggestions for every meal and you can easily adapt them to suit your tastes and preferences.

What if I don’t get any results?

If you follow the program you will get excellent results. This program has been followed by tons of my clients and we’ve never had anyone complete it without getting results. 

Do I need any equipment?

The choice is yours! I walk you through home workouts, and gym workouts. You will always have a multitude of options to choose from based on your preferences and needs.

Do I need a special device or computer to watch the videos?

No, you can use any device as long as it’s connected to the internet. 
What kind of Personal Training do you get when you join?

1. Up to 5 workouts a week to choose from. 
(Gym & Home options - rep, set, and instructions included. No more second guessing!)

2. Your very own Workout App 
(Workouts and demonstration video straight to your phone and available wherever you are!)

3. Over 700 Exercise Demonstration Videos Available 
(This allows you to substitute any of my exercises, if at any point you don't feel comfortable or strong enough yet.)

4. Tracking
(With the workout app, you can track progress photos (optional), strength improvements, exercise personal bests, and measurements all in one place!)

5. Support 
(Via a TRANSFORM Facebook group
  Workout App
  • Workouts - Workouts designed to help lose weight, tone, and shape you in the shortest time possible. #becausegoals
  • Education - Each exercise comes with a video to show proper form and even highlights the "what not to do's" with each exercise to help you avoid injury!
  •  Progress -​You have the option to track each workout. This allows you to make progress week by week and to avoid that dreaded plateau!
  • Accountability - In your app workout calendar, you can see how many workouts you have completed or how many you have skipped. Just what you need to keep yourself on track and motivated.  
I DON'T have to think and WORRY about what I am going to do that day at the gym...
I love the workouts and how organized it all is. It’s all paved out for me in your app. The workouts are fun and always challenging. Something new everyday is added to keep it fresh. Making me be accountable with my exercise and food has also helped me so much.My daughter and I have been going to the gym for a few years pretty regular but now having this program the last three weeks. We can feel a difference already only 3weeks in. I love it!
  • Recipes - Nobody wants to eat boring chicken and rice all the time - My family friendly recipes give you ideas for each meal of the day!
  • Macro Calculator - ​How much to eat? How much protein, carbs or fat!? I have a calculator to help!
  •  Food Hacks -​We're too busy to spend all day preparing food. I have some healthy food short cuts for ya!
  •  Meal Plan Examples - Give you ideas of what a day of food looks like!
  Macro Calculator
  • Recipes - Nobody wants to eat boring chicken and rice all the time - My family friendly recipes give you ideas for each meal of the day!
  • Macro Calculator - ​How much to eat? How much protein, carbs or fat!? I have a calculator to help!
  •  Food Hacks -​We're too busy to spend all day preparing food. I have some healthy food short cuts for ya!
  Your Personal Trainer - Allie Smith-Cobb

One last question....Do you want GYM workouts or HOME workouts....or BOTH?

Save $$$ on my online GYM workout program! 
     - Zero Risk Money back Guarantee
     - 24/7 app access
     - BONUS: FREE FB Group Access! 
     - TRANSFROM Framework PDF! 

Your new program will begin immediately!  

You get immediate access to: 

-Workout app with new workouts avaible every 3 week!
- Measurement tracking in app
Workout tracking in app 
- Facebook Support Group 
- Video explanation for EVERY Exercise!!


Program includes up to 5 workouts to choose from each week. CARDIO PRESCRIPTIONS INCLUDED!

 Your workouts update every 3 weeks to keep you engaged and motivated.  Facebook group for ADDED support & accountability. 

100% satisfaction guarantee - love it or leave it - no contracts - no obligations EVER!

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