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I DON'T have to think and WORRY about what I am going to do that day at the gym...
I love the workouts and how organized it all is. It’s all paved out for me in your app. The workouts are fun and always challenging. Something new everyday is added to keep it fresh. Making me be accountable with my exercise and food has also helped me so much. My daughter and I have been going to the gym for a few years pretty regular but now having this program the last three weeks. We can feel a difference already only 3 weeks in. I love it!
Month-to-Month Online Training - workouts that work and nutrition you can follow!
My online training & coaching program comes with an awesome app to show you what to do for a workout AND you get to track it all! I will help you bypass your own learning curve and avoid popular mistakes but more importantly, you'll see results! !
Client Reviews
 "What's your favorite part about the program & app?"
 "What's your favorite part about the program & app?"
1. You're done making decisions. You do that all day. Who needs to go where, what time do they have to get there, what should you make for dinner, do I deserve a glass of wine with dinner.... no more decisions. You're ready to hand off the responsibility of decision making! You're ready to show up and follow a program written for ya!
(Gym & Home options - rep, set, and instructions included. No more second guessing!)

2. You love to check items off a list! That excitement you feel when you are that closer to your goal. The feeling of accomplishment! Your very own workout is a mini check list! Start. Get it done. Feel accomplished!
(My workout app demonstrates every exercise, tell you how many repetitions to do, and allows you to track all of it! See what you've accomplished, and track your improvements!)

3.You're tired of trying to figure out what diet is the RIGHT diet for you. You're looking for honest answers. You are ready to cut through all the fad diets and get real results and real answers. 
My online training comes with meal plan examples, macronutrient calculator, recipes, and direct help from me a certified personal trainer! 🙌
SKIP the trial and get started now! No more second guessing your nutrition or workouts. 
My online training & coaching program comes with an awesome app to show you what to do for a workout AND you get to track it all! I will help you bypass your own learning curve and avoid popular mistakes but more importantly, you'll see results! !
Meet your Personal Trainer!
How depression saved my life and got me into fitness!
I went through three fitness phases... and the first two FAILED!

Phase 1: Running 5 days a week, no muscle definition, achy knees (from all the running) and eating junk. Social media would have called me "skinny fat". I wasn't overweight because of all my running, but because I wasn't eating well or lifting, I also didn't have that "toned" look that I was wanting. So here came phase 2...

Phase 2: I didn't think my running was the problem, so I was still running a lot. I thought the problem was my food. And what does any woman do when they're sick of not looking the way they do? They do the EXTREME. I did that too 🤦🏼‍♀️I stopped eating! I thought this would make me "toned" and lean! It didn't. I kept hearing friends and family ask if I was sick and if I was eating. So then came phase 3...

Phase 3: I learned about the proper amount of cardio, and the proper type of cardio to help create a strong, lean body. I learned about feeding my body better foods and learned to balance going out with the girls with my fitness life. This is when I created the lifestyle called... THE FITNESS LIFE! I feel good in my skin. I feel strong. I don't feel deprived!
Insider Secrets
With this information I was able to get down to single digit body fat but also deadlift over 300 pounds!
I'm actually happy...
I love the changes I’m seeing in my body and how I’m feeling. I think this is the first time I have ever felt confident in the gym, but also in my own skin! 

I’m wearing tank tops to the gym and shirts I never thought I would wear again. 

                                                                                                                                 ~Kristi M. 
Before hiring Allie, I felt depressed and hopeless....
Allie has helped motivate me and keep me accountable to myself. She has shown me how to eat healthy but not obsess about it. What I love the most about her program is that I don’t feel deprived. I feel like it is attainable as a lifelong change. 

I enjoy going to workout...I love that I have new workouts often to keep it fresh. 

I am much more confident in all aspects of my health now. I am losing fat and gaining muscle. I feel strong and I look better. I generally feel better too. I don’t get headaches like I used to and I have more energy. I have the knowledge now to keep myself healthy for the rest of my life. 
                                                          ~ April
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